School Reopening & COVID-19 Updates

Please check this page regularly for updates regarding the 2021-22 school year.

We are excited to safely welcome all students back for in-person learning, five days per week, beginning on Monday, August 30th. We are confident that welcoming our students back to our classrooms and providing them with critical academic and social-emotional supports will help them to grow and thrive. Our teachers and staff could not be more excited for the school year ahead.

The safety of our students, staff, and families remains our top priority. Since reopening for Hybrid Instruction last Spring, we have continued to make extensive preparations in anticipation of the Fall. These preparations are in accordance with CDC guidance and include the following.

  • We have installed a walk-through temperature scanner at two entrances to the building and we have purchased several handheld temperature screeners. All staff and students will have their temperatures screened immediately upon entering the lobby. Staff and students will self-monitor for symptoms prior to arriving at the school building.

  • We have installed 35 mountable air purifiers with Medical Grade True HEPA filters: 4 extra-large units for the biggest spaces, 10 large units for bigger classrooms, and 20 medium-sized units for smaller classrooms. Each classroom will be equipped with an air purifier.

  • We have invested significantly in our existing HVAC system to improve air quality and circulation.

  • Battery-operated hand sanitizer dispensers have been mounted in each classroom and throughout hallways and common areas. An additional 1-liter dispenser of hand sanitizer will be distributed to each classroom. Each classroom will receive a container of disinfectant wipes. The Principal and the Business Manager will conduct a daily walkthrough of each classroom to ensure an adequate supply of sanitizer, wipes, and masks.

  • Touchless hand dryers and soap dispensers have been mounted in each bathroom.

  • Our maintenance company performed a deep clean of the building immediately prior to staff and students returning.

  • All staff and students will be required to wear masks at all times, excluding meal times.

  • The School's Health and Safety Plan is linked here.

  • PFPCS' Attestation Ensuring Implementation of Mitigation Efforts is linked here.