People For People Charter School Logo

People for People, Inc. was Born from a Great American Success Story

In 1989, former Philadelphia Eagle Reverend Herbert H. Lusk, II, Senior Pastor of Greater Exodus Baptist Church, founded People for People, Inc. (PFP) as a not-for-profit 501 (C)(3) organization, for the purpose of community and economic development and the promotion of education and entrepreneurship in North Central Philadelphia.  People for People seeks to provide support services to needy residents and to link distressed neighborhoods with concerned leadership and available resources. Its goals include enhancing micro-enterprise development and community revitalization by offering educational and job training opportunities, individual counseling and skills assessments and financial literacy and services, all leading to the rejuvenation of individuals and families, one person at a time.

In 1999, Rev. Dr. Lusk, II founded the People for People Charter School (PFPCS) as the educational arm of People for People, Inc. PFPCS currently serves over 540 students in grades K-12.